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The Sc'ianew (Beecher Bay) First Nations is located 30kms southwest of Victoria BC. The word "Sc'ianew" (pronounced CHEA-nuh) translates from the Klallam language as "the place of the big fish", indicating the richness of the sea life in the region that sustains the Sc'ianew and neighboring First Nation communities with food, shelter, medicine, and clothing.

Part of Sc'ianew traces their ancestry to people who spoke four different dialects. The community recognizes all four languages although they are not all currently spoken. As with other First Nation names in the region, the place name "Sc'ianew" identifies what the inhabitants needed to know about the locale.

Sc'ianew lands also include Fraser Island, Lamb Island, Long-neck Island, Twin Island, Village Island, and Whale Island. Today, the Sc'ianew community continues to apply their long knowledge of environmental management in sharing their land and marine resources. 

Sci'anew First Nation is a party to the Douglas Treaties and is negotiating a modern treaty as a member of the Te'mexw treaty nations through the BC treaty process.

Sc'ianew First Nation is governed by a Chief and two Councillors and also incorporates traditional leadership components including Elders and the Hereditary Chief.

Elections were held every two years in October on odd-numbered years but recently changed to every four years in 2019.