Post Secondary Education 



Beecher Bay Education Department is committed to helping BBFN members to achieve their educational goals and aspirations through the delivery of quality educational programs and services. The Educational Department provides supports for qualified BBFN students who are working towards a certificate, diploma, BC, MA, or a Ph.D. at a public institution.

In order for a program to be eligible for funding it must meet the following criteria: 

1) Require of secondary school completion OR equivalent as requisite for entry

2) Be minimum of one academic year in length (accredited program)

3) Have a certificate, diploma, or degree awarded upon successful completion

Beecher Bay students who are qualified to undertake academic training in order to achieve their educational goals would increase employability and graduates would contribute and use their skills and knowledge for the betterment of the Sc'ianew People as a whole. 

Funding dollars are committed each year in the following priority:

  1. Continuing students
  2. Recent High School Graduates
  3. Students accepted into Post Secondary / University Programs
  4. Deferred students are those students who were eligible but not funded in the past due to limited funding.
  5. Returning students – students who have temporarily stepped away
  6. New applicants – this category includes full-time students and part-time students
  7. Students who have not maintained a GPA of C+ or better and/or have had attendance issues.

Contact Information:

Phyllis Charles 

PH: 250-478-3535


Stacey Charles 

PH: 250-478-3535



Request for and Submit post-secondary applications to Stacey via email (Subject line: POST SECONDARY APPLICATION) 

PSE Application


Applications are due March 31 at 4 pm for a September start.