Forestry and Harvesters

The Forestry team has been in action since 2004. The crew is responsible for preventing the spread of invasive species that may damage the ecological system within Sc'ianew (Beecher Bay) First Nations lands through early detection and control. They ensure the appropriate measures are met and immediately informs the Band Administrator of any and all safety threats. The Forestry Crew mainly does contracts outside of the nation but does still do small jobs within the nation. They hold many tickets pertaining to forestry.  

The Forestry Crew / Harvesters are: 

Supervisor; Clarence Campbell 

Assistant Supervisor; Tavion Charles 

Crew Member; Marcus Goldsmith


Beecher Bay First Nation has 3 Internationally Certified Divers who go and harvest food for the community when needed and continue to dive when required to keep their certification valid. Clarence is the boat operator for the divers he holds a Small Vessel Operations Proficiency ticket.