Property Taxation 

“moving towards economic self-sufficiency and self-government”



Property taxes help fund public service to the residents living in Spirit Bay on the Beecher Bay First Nations Lands

Tax notices are mailed to residents on the last week in May annually.

Home Owner Grants (HOG) are valid until December 31 for that tax year. HOG’s will be applied to your account once payment of the net taxes is received

Please note: This article is provided as an information source only and not for legal advice or otherwise.

The information provided here will give you an understanding of how the First Nations property taxation system works. There are many similarities with the Provincial property taxation systems, which you are probably familiar with if you have resided within local municipalities. 


  • Your taxes are due within the months of June & July each taxing year. (unless specified) If you have not received your BC Assessment by mid-January each year, please contact BC Assessments NOT Beecher Bay First Nation.
  • Remit your taxes to the Beecher Bay First Nation Administration Office.

4901-B East Sooke Road 

Sooke, BC V9A1B6

  • You are required to inform the Beecher Bay First Nation of any occupier and /or ownership address change.
  • It is the individual home-owners responsibility, if you do not receive a Property Tax Notice by Mid-June each year, you are required to contact Stacey at the Beecher Bay First Nation Office to keep your contact info updated. 
  • You can only appeal your assessment, not your property taxes. Any property assessment appeals must be filed to the BC Assessment office by January 31, annually.


  • Property Tax payments can be made by cheque, money order, payable to Beecher Bay First Nation, and or Etransfer (unavailable at the moment)
  • Paying by e-transfer please add BBFN as a payee under the email address - TBD 
    • Use the following security question: TBD 
    • Security answer: TBD 
  • Please write your FOLIO NUMBER or ADDRESS on the memo portion of the cheque and/or E-transfer as well as enter the amount of the payment enclosed on the form of the payment remittance portion of the Tax Notice.
  • Debit and Credit are not currently accepted at this time.
  • Payment made from outside of Canada must be issued from a Canadian correspondent bank in Canadian funds.
  • Ensure your payment and/or Grant Applications are received on or before the due date to AVOID penalties. Penalties will be charged on unpaid taxes and unclaimed Grant amounts. 


Home Owner Grants or ADDITIONAL Grant:  Eligibility

The Beecher Bay First Nation Home Owner Grant program helps to reduce the amount of residential property taxes that homeowners pay on their primary residence. If you qualify for the Home Owner Grant, and/or the Additional grant you must apply by December 31st of the current tax year. 

How to apply 

Apply for the Home Owners Grant (HOG) by completing the application attached to your property tax notice and returning to the Beecher Bay First Nation Administration office. If your mortgage provider is paying for your property taxes or if you are paying by internet banking, please have the completed Home Owners Grant application in our office by the due date to avoid penalty. 

The Home Owner Grant is like a form of payment and if not remitted to our office before the due date your account will show a balance and be charged a 10% penalty. Home Owner Grants are accepted until December 31. After this date, the Home Owners Grant is expired and can't be applied towards your property taxes. 

There are two categories of Home Owners Grants: Basic and Additional. Qualification for both is outlined below. 

   Basic Grant (HOG)                                  Additional Grant 

Who is eligible to apply:             Residents under the age of 65                                                               Residents over the age of 65

May reduce taxes by:                   Up to $570                                                                                                         Up to $845

Additional Requirements:        1) You are the registered owner of the residence                      1) You meet all of the Basic Requirements

                                                                   2) You are a Canadian citizen or permanent                                  2) Provide DOB in the section on your

                                                                         residence of Canada                                                                                     tax notice. 

                                                                   3) You live within Beecher Bay First Nations Lands                   

                                                                   4) You occupy the residence as your principal


Who is NOT eligible:                     If your primary address is not within the Beecher Bay First Nation Lands


BBFN may require Proof of Residency and will accept any of the following three pieces of Primary Identification:

  • British Columbia Driver's (or Learners) Licence - Must include your photo.
  • British Columbia Identification (BCID) Card. Must include your photo.
  • British Columbia Service Card - Must include your photo. 


Understanding your Home Owner grant

The Home Owner Grant application is located at the bottom of your property tax notice and must be completed each year. Home Owner Grant applications are always applied last to an account. 


Your property taxes for 2016 are $1500 and you qualify for a basic Home Owner Grant which will reduce your taxes by $570.

Beecher Bay First Nation must first receive payment of $930 ($1500-$570 = $930). After this payment is processed we will then apply your completed Home Owner Grant application which will deduct the remaining $570 balance. 

The Home Owner Grant is like a form of payment and if not remitted to our office by the due date your account will show a balance and be charged a 10% penalty. 

However, if BBFN hasn't received your completed HOG. Your account will still show a $570 balance and on July 5th your account will be charged a penalty of $57 ($570 * 10% = $57.00)