Sc'ianew Marine Data Collection (SMDC)


Enhanced Maritime Situational Awareness (EMSA) is a Canadian-wide pilot project that has been in progress for the past two years and will continue until March 2022 with the potential of continuing for another year, possibly two. Partnered with Fujitsu, the development of the system will depend upon the users who are involved in the project. The key partners are indigenous communities, Transport Canada and Fujistu.

The EMSA System will integrate various data layers and types of information (ie: wind, pollution, weather, climate change, shoreline erosion, vessel traffic etc.) into one system. It will be used by coastal communities, indigenous groups, marine safety authorities, emergency managers, science organizations, post-secondary institutions, port
authorities, industry associations, and government of Canada partners.

The team will be involved in carrying out the tasks of

  • data collection,
  • developing a marine-based emergency management plan,
  • coordinating the engagement and public outreach,
  • participating in Canada-wide EMSA/fleet tracking, and
  • other associated weekly meetings.

The team will collect, record, analyze and store database values in the areas of environmental protection and maritime activity including ecosystem, food sustenance, marine safety (marine shipping traffic), and ocean health.

This team forms part of the overall Ocean Resources Team where data collection is a key component. The team will contribute to
the collection and recording of marine shipping vessels through an Automated Information System (AIS) feed connected to the
EMSA system.

The team will implement processes that will be utilized to capture and report on other identified performance indicators used to measure outcomes in data collection. The required knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) systems and the ability to understand layering that goes into data collection systems such as the EMSA system will be mentored by the GIS specialist.

A component of the data collection itself will require diver certification to implement archeological dives that will capture data for recording and storing into the EMSA system. The team will create a value-based mapping for information-sharing purposes.



Project Lead - Michael Campbell

Office Manager - Sheeba Sawyer 

Cultural Advisor Guardian Steward - Gordon Charles

Bookkeeper - Kathy Sawyer

GIS Specialist - Chris Desautels


CONTACT NUMBER: 236-475-8309