Social Development

The Beecher Bay Social Development Department is funded by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC-ISC). Our goal in Beecher Bay is to increase employment opportunities for employable clients and provide guidance in securing employment. Social Development provides financial support to adults and dependents and should be meant as the last resort. 

In particular, Social Development:

  • Administers according to the Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) Social Development Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Administers Social Development payments directly to members
  • Administers Child Out of Parental Home benefits (formerly Guardian Financial Assistance
  • Provide support to clients who secure employment
  • Individual Opportunities Program is part of the Social Development team and provides programming and services to family units?
  • Refers members to external agencies
  • Advocates on behalf of families involved with NIL'TUO or the Ministry for Children & Family Development
  • Completes proposals to secure funding and implement programs to Social Development clients with the goal of securing employment or accessing Post-Secondary Education funding

We understand that the national poverty rate in aboriginal communities is three (3) times the national average. We provide services in a compassionate environment and work to empower clients and their families.

Cheque issue dates are the SECOND LAST WEDNESDAY of each month except for those who receive weekly or bi-weekly. 


Contact Information 

Social Development Manager                                                                                      Social Development Clerk 

Denise Chewka                                                                                                                      TBD

Phone:  250-478-3535                                                                                                      Phone: 250-478-3535

Fax: 250-478-3583                                                                                                              Fax: 250-478-3585

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